Mini Pants Sage Green

Artemis eternally virgin and shy, she was a lover of solitude and an enemy of banquets, she had taken a vow of chastity and for this reason she protected those who remained chaste. The goddess gave women the pains needed for childbirth, however, mitigating the pain, and protected them from puerperal fever, at the same time assisting them in childbirth, also teaching them to care for and educate children. Represented in huntress dress with quiver and bow with the head adorned with the quarter moon, she was often accompanied by a greyhound or a deer.


Soft “Sage Green” shorts, with elastic waistband and branded elastic that acts as a belt.
Color: GREEN Fabric: Polyester 95% Spandex 5% Accessory: elastic


REGULAR FIT Model Height: 1.67 m She wears size S

Original price was: 50,00 €.Current price is: 15,00 €.

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