These men’s jeans are a high-quality garment. They combine the Italian style with impeccable comfort. The fabric, being made out of cotton, offers a feeling of softness and resistance at the same time. The dark color gives the jeans a sophisticated look, perfect for different occasions. The model features an innovative design, which draws inspiration from the classic 5-pocket pants, ensuring practicality and space for essential objects. The cuffs help shape the garment, allowing you to customize the length according to the wearer’s liking. The jean’s shape adapts to the body naturally, offering a comfortable and flattering fit. The left pocket is embellished with an elegant embroider, which adds a distinctive element and a touch of originality to the pants. The embroidery is made with precision and attention to detail, highlighting the attention to design and Italian craftsmanship. These jeans are the emblem of Italian casual elegance, perfect for those who look for a versatile garment that fits both a relaxed look and a more refined one. These jeans, combining style and practicality, are an ideal choice for the modern man who appreciates quality and sophisticated aesthetics.
Shell: Denim 98% cotton 2% elastane Lining: / Padding: / Details: / MADE IN ITALY


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