Charles F. Worth, who lived in the 1800s, is the English designer who revolutionized the figure of the tailor, seen until then as a simple craftsman, transforming him into a real creative. Worth was the first designer to show his models in advance of the current season, presenting them to the public through models. He was also the first to insert the label with his own brand inside each garment, to avoid fakes and imitations.
The Haute Couture collections parade in Paris, organized by the Chambre Sindacale de la Haute Couture, the Parisian body that manages the events and decides which maisons will show and which ones to exclude. If high fashion garments were and still are made-to-measure suits, very limited number creations, presented during fashion shows reserved for a limited circle of journalists & prominent personalities, Ready-To-Wear models are instead “ready to wear” garments ”.
This phenomenon developed starting from World War II: clothing began to be mass-produced, through an industrial process, to cover a wider market segment. Haute Couture is still today an exclusive and elitist fashion: the clothes that are part of this category are all produced by hand, with great attention to the use of materials and packaging techniques. It takes almost 800 hours to produce a Haute Couture garment, which can be worked on by up to 20 people. The embroideries and applications that embellish these dresses are all made by hand and every little detail is checked to perfection.


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