As Michael Kors would say: ”Put on a trench coat and suddenly you feel like Audrey Hepburn strolling along the Seine.” Impossible not to fall victim to the charm and versatility of this iconic garment, a timeless cornerstone of the classic male and female wardrobe for almost a century.
The trench coat, which literally means ”trench coat”, has its origins in the military clothing of the British army during the First and Second World War.
The authorship of the garment is still hotly debated today between Burberry, Mackintosh and Aquascutum. Three brands that played a fundamental role in the birth of the trench coat as we know it today. Thanks go to the Scottish chemist Mackintosh for having conceived and patented the waterproofing technique as early as 1823. To Aquascutum which, about thirty years later, began producing raincoats for the British army engaged in the Crimean War. And last but not least, to Mr. Thomas Burberry who in 1901 was the first to produce the true double-breasted gabardine trench coat with waist belt for the British Army under the order of the War Department.


After the war, the trench coat took hold in the civilian wardrobe and grew in importance making its way into the glittering world of cinema. In the 1940s Hollywood marked his consecration with the memorable scene of Casablanca, which sees Humphrey Bogart with his trench coat alongside Ingrid Bergman, and that of International Scandal, which portrays a very sensual Marlene Dietrich wrapped in a khaki trench coat. But it was only in the 60s that, thanks to the sophisticated Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this garment earned a place in the Olympus of fashion.
Today, more than a hundred years after its birth, the trench coat is confirmed as a cult of autumn 2021, treading the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York.
The MFGA trench coat from the Nutcracker collection, which is inspired by the famous Russian ballet The Nutcracker, pays homage to this timeless garment, revolutionizing it in terms of fabrics and shape to accommodate current trends. An evergreen revisited in a Street key thanks to the use of transparent PVC, black laces and a holographic organza lining, embellished with metal snap buttons.

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Giorgia Ribaldone

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