After February, the month of lovers, a reflection on one of the many ways of “being in relationship” nowadays could not be missing: the Ghosting.

Thus, in collaboration with the NO NAME Magazine team, a social content was born which aims to raise awareness of a dysfunctional behavior that is increasingly gaining ground among young Millennials and Generation Z.
Someone could argue that there is nothing new: cowardice has always existed. True. However, virtual communication has facilitated the attitude of avoidance and escape, reducing the transition from constant contact to silence to a click. Thus, cowardice 2.0 has captured the attention of sociologists and scholars earning a whole new name: Ghosting, which literally means ”becoming a ghost”.
Usually we talk about Ghosting in the sentimental sphere, but it can also affect friendships and professional relationships. In any case, not only the Ghosted but also the Ghoster pays the price for this unreasonable action.

Ghoster VS Ghosted

Without a doubt, those who break up in such a traumatic way from a deep relationship do not do it lightly. This attitude is a sort of self-defense and finds fertile ground in the inability to bear the loss of esteem and disappointment from the other *.
On the other hand, however, the feelings of shame, humiliation and disorientation of those who suffer abandonment without explanation are fueled by the obsessive search for a meaning or a culprit to cling to in order to close the chapter and move on.
In today’s society there is a trend of deresponsibility, where empathy is not only lacking in narcissists, but in many ‘ordinary’ people. This phenomenon, in fact, is not all that rare and we often tend to normalize it by looking for excuses and justifications. Therefore, we would like to underline that Ghosting is not only a form of emotional abuse for those who receive it, but also a call for help for those who practice it.
In short: it is a matter to be addressed in the study of a therapist.

Giorgia Ribaldone

Produzione: NO NAME Magazine
Ph: Chiara Fontanot
Models: Enrico Stolfi, Virgina Galvez
Styling: Sabina Diletta
Trench Holo: MFGA
Make-up: Sara Zampirollo