Once upon a time there was a Siberian child who, educated by a clan of “honest criminals”, was destined to become a singular oxymoron of ferocity and altruism. He lived in a land covered by icy white expanses of livid and faded beauty, Transnistria – a de facto independent state within Moldovan territory. Right here, in the remote steppes of a still ghost kingdom, men and women who were openly hostile to the Soviet regime, considered dictatorial and corrupt, were deported. Thus communities came to life that survived by practicing illegal activities, provided that these – following a Robin Hood-like philosophy – were against the System. Rebels to all authority yes, but always respectful of a rigorous moral code based on values ​​such as dignity, audacity, tradition, justice, a sense of protection towards the weakest and the culture of tattooing. A practice that went beyond the aesthetic value, elevating the tattoo artist to a crucial figure in a man’s life. “A man’s story is written on his body” was their creed.

All this, and much more, is written in Siberian Education – the famous novel by Nicolai Lilin – which inspired the new MFGA collection: Wilberia, an intrepid journey through the dignity, audacity and tradition of the Siberian communities. Keep these values ​​in mind, because they will return throughout the collection as protagonists of the exclusive drops that we will launch during the year.


From the union of the words “Wild” and “Siberia”, a bold and courageous collection is born, where the hard and rigorous volumes, emblematic of Siberian education, are softened by a palette that recalls the warm colors of the Taiga and its fauna during the summer: the brick, sand, burgundy, yellow and brown. The garments are also enriched with details inspired by traditional Russian clothes. This is the case of the Platok, the typical hat knotted behind the head, and of the floral jacquard coordinated with cropped-jacket and mini-skirt, which recalls the luxurious patterns of the Tsars. The structure of the garments is given by fabrics such as poplin and twill, which take on feminine shapes thanks to plunging necklines and slits, voluminous skirts, balloon sleeves and belts that emphasize the waist. The detail of the elastic branded in two different versions, the sportier one and the more elegant one, instead adds a streetwear connotation.

A first drop with 25 garments, all female, walked the HOAS (History of a Style) catwalk in November 2021 in an exclusive preview and we couldn’t wait to show them to you. Click here to discover them!


In a world torn apart by hatred and war, we at MFGA renew our mission to spread the beauty of literature and theater through fashion with a collection that takes inspiration from a cult novel and delves into its surrounding cultural context. It is not our intention to go into political speeches, but we feel it our duty to express all our support for Ukraine and express our full disapproval of the war decision. However, we believe that it is not right to harass the Russian people or censor their thousand-year-old culture because of the individual. Therefore, we decided to carry on the original inspiration with the courage that characterizes the whole collection.


Giorgia Ribaldone

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